My Problem with Impotence

September 17, 2010
By: Zipf L. Gsicht

My problem is: I have a hard-on all the time

Whatever I do, wherever I go, he stands up whenever he pleases. It's just not that practical. I went to see a doctor and he said "That's normal, you're young and have your urges. Don't fight it, it will pass." But it didn't. My schwontz would get erected for the slightest reasons at the most inappropriate times.

Until one day, after years of suffering, I've seen this:

smoking causes impotence

A cigarette package, claiming that "Smoking causes Impotence". Great, I thought. The solution to my problems! So I started smoking. But nothing happened.

I've been smoking two packs a day for five years now and I still can't feel the slightest hint of impotence. In fact, my dick feels harder than ever because since I'm smoking I feel like a real man too. So I suggest what they should really print on cig packages is this:

smoking makes you feel like a real man

I don't know if that applies for women too. It might...

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