The Probability of Death

November 30, 2010
chart: probability of death

How to reduce the risk of death:

Frankly, there is no way to reduce the risk of death. No matter how many health magazines you read or WHO-instructions you follow, the probability of your death always remains constant at precisely 100%.

Let's look at a few samples of our populations' death risk:

 chart: death probability

Unsurprisingly, the risk of death amounts to 100% for the entire subpopulation. In other words, smokers and non-smokers alike have the same probability of death! Your yoga teacher is equally vulnerable to eternal annihilation as your street-corner-crack-junkie.

But what if we look at the death probability in different countries - are inhabitants of some countries less likely to die than those of other countries?

chart: death probability by country

Negative again. Worldwide, the entire population of each country is 100% certain to die. People in Germany are prone to the same tendencies of dying as people in Azerbaijan, despite of the differences in their health policies.

So never mind all the well-meant directives for reducing the risk of death. There is no way around eventual death. You might be able to have younger-looking skin by applying tons of "anti-ageing" lotion on it. But as time goes by, there actually is no way to prevent ageing, nor to prevent final death.

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